We are people too

Every year I dread each month and the holidays.  You see, I can’t even go into a store without trying to explain to my children that holidays are fun and why we don’t celebrate them. It’s all about the fun and spending those dollars.  Covet and love it.   No one cares about where we came from so people do what ever is fun and traditional without remembering where these celebrations come from either.   And we have the same God?   No one considers that people exist that have knowledge about such vain celebrations and it’s “us” who don’t “fit” in.   I understand good people are usually ignorant on the subject but maybe one day they will understand it is disrespectful to the people who worship God the right way to pretend everyone does the same thing because it is A Jesus world even if you don’t call yourself Christian.  Check out your calendars and tell me where and why you celebrate before you judge me for speaking out.  I am an outcast already and a sage so come on and comment.  If you empathize or sympathize HalleluYah and I hope to meet you one day.  If you do things just because you follow the way of the majority I feel sorry for you.  Hope you can explain it to the most High and get by.  You all make me want to isolate and I pray.   I think I will go talk to my kids now about Valentine’s Day and the real meaning so help me God.  Amen.


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