The Christmas Season with what reason?

Hello FrIeNds…It’s that time we SeE all will be Well.  Hope Your Holy Day’s were Holy as I admit that MINE WERE aS hOLy as it get’s.  When your heart is in the right place you are OkaY and doing HolY in the EyES of our ALMIGHTY.  Holy simply means very good or righteous.  It is a shame though that many people become concerned with the needy Only around the winter season.  Maybe this should tell us something.  I think many won’t like what I have to say on this issue but deep down inside people covet and lust money around these times so giving to the needy is a make-you-feel-better-about -yourself gift.  It’s a gift of pride to make the PerSon who gives to the needy feel that they did good as they continue to go through their holiday spending and forgetting about those needy people throughout the year.  Where are those people with the red bells and change buckets in front of the grocery stores any other time?  If Christ was a man of The Most High he would shake his head 36 times at this.  God knows we forget but we don’t forget to be selfish do we?  Ohhhh…..but it was in the spirit of giving?  The Spirit of Giving is unselfish and comes from El Shaddia AKA ABBA.  Anyone even remember who that is or who had a “son”  who detested such behavior as we see around this time?  When Religion makes this time about Christ they do it wrong too.  They Revere him as He is a god and go on being “Merry”.  Wish someone would tell them  it isn’t even about the Spirit of giving any more.  It is the Spirit of Man who covets and competes to show off his wallet with pagan trees to decorate and admire in awe what his hands can make and having innocent children believe in ungodly ways with fake Magic.  Any way you look to see you will see and understand what I say.  Happy birthday Yeshua and RIP if you were such a marginal man.  I can see why.  The common man will do anything to celebrate and enjoy time off from work. The Sabbath day??? What’s that anyway a common man will say. I would say to such a man “Do you see ABBA in the Sabbath Day?  May you celebrate everyone of those days as a day off to enjoy yourself as Christmas seems to bring out the burden and lawlessness of the common folks. ”  ALEF


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