Shalom Hanukkah Christmas

Welcome to the New Year and happy Holy Days from a so-called 36.  I am here to reveal knowledge and I encourage you to not try to get it if you don’t know the first step to understand it.  So here I am to help you out.  He is called the Most High or as you may know Him by the title The Almighty God.  YOU MUST FEAR BEFORE WISDOM.  Believe these words.  The book of Proverbs will clue you in on this to back me up no matter the type of Bible.  Well it’s funny how people interpolate and interpret Scripture.  You know fear can be two different feelings.  You can tremble at the Spirit of God or you can be in love with it.  When you have these mixed feelings it’s called Awe…  Ah’Sem is the name of the Holy of Awe.  Now we know.  Get to know Him and then come read what I say or you may not understand a word of what I write.  We listen with our ears and our EYES.  Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh yeh/yah.  Address Him in prayer and prepare to commit.  Many give up or get caught up in lack of patience or lack of love when it comes to understanding.  A wise man once said “Love Him with all your being”.  Some of you wouldn’t believe the lies the world is following with no idea or ability to care to know.  You are different I know or you wouldn’t see this.  The Jewish people call the One God Ha’Shem and they are clueless here because all they say is it literally stands for the name.  As you may know I am a sage and what some would call in English language “a prophet”.  Prophet makes me think of misleaders and the term Rabbi now makes me think of false teachers.  I am who I am so if you hate this don’t read it.  A fool hates knowledge and a wise person will add to it.  Get yourself an old “new” Jerusalem Bible and tell me Paul is not wise.  I am not a Christian or a Jew.  I have no clue to what a Moslim is about but there is good in all kinds of people to review.  Ask A Jewish rabbi about who I am and tell him I said hello 36.  So you thought this was about Hanukkah and you know the story is Holy Christos mix.  Find a book called Macabees and then find 2 calendars.  One calendar needs to be Gregorian and the other Jewish/Babylon Jewbrew.  Then ask yourself why in the world is December the 12th month why it is that we know Dec means 10.  Anyhow, I celebrate God on Hanukkah and remember Yahuda Macabeasahammer and Christ noname on the 25th in our 12th month.  In Kislev (pssst…the ninth month on a certain calendar)  is the Holy month ignored.  Noah had a way called 12 months unnamed and  30 days in each.  Welcome to  the world.  Whoever cares to know and help me with a gift to give this  season. Call a rabbi and teach him this:  Tammuz is an idol and a month to know for Torah reasons and 36 says GET IT CLEAN.  Tell a Christ teacher the Sabbath is not “Sunday” too.  Zeal can be mean.  That my friend  would begin  your friendship and instant proof of Mysticism with The Creator.  Let them know LV told you to be brave and you do it for the Ah’Sem Hayah shem Yahweh.  Hebrew reads right to left.  I do too.  read Hayah Shem right to left…Meshayah….a miracle happened here.  Shalom.  LV that’s me.  Sha Abba is ah home with a navishe and Noachia so now you see to let it be known.  The King of Kings is One to stay the ruler on one throne.  Shalom.


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