HAYAH SHEM right to left is MEH-SHA-YAH…

Hello Shalom and hear the major navi and sage minor tone.  Do you know a SuperViSiOn/ Beth or home?  Heart’s on fire but who Will Listen?  Clean up the ways for the most High…Like NOaCh I and you know who to call on.  We to help you not mislead and I swear In the name you know I will proceed to Put ThE WrOnG WaYs and Wicked ON BLASt.  Got a question then you let me know or ask another but be sure you lOoK oUt For yourselves and each other.  No time to waste I am here for a reason AND BELIEVE WE-INTER-THE-REST FOR REAL.  dO NOT PARTAKE iN bLOOD oF ANOTHER.  yES tELL THE rEdcROss TO STOP SAvING WHAT iS NOT THEiRS TO SAVE.  GOOD TO HAVE A HEART AND EDUCATE to correct the covenant ways.  Do NOt kill or Even eat blood of An ANImal.


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